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Product Certificates

The malleable cast iron fittings, which we distribute to very demanding markets, are of great prestige and hold the necessary product certificates to show conformance with applicable standards, among which can be found those of international prestige such as AENOR (Spain) DVGW (Germany), SVGW (Switzerland), CERTIF (Portugal), along with others in the markets where ATUSA supplies its products: Hungary (EMI), Poland (PZH, EMI), Croatia (ZIK), Rumania, Turkey (TSE).In addition, our grooved fitting range hold the product certificates of prestigious entities as FM (U.S.A.), UL, ULC.US (U.S.A., Canada) and Vds (Germany).

ATUSA supplies product certificates 2.1 and 3.1 according to the EN 10204 standard as required by and agreed with the clients.

For this reason, the products made by ATUSA are insured in accordance with the 85/374/CEE Directive which regulates civil responsibility for the damage caused by a faulty product.

Product Certificates