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The quality of our products is based on experience and competence along with the most modern and efficient technical means and analysis procedures. A Quality Control Department, which consists of more than 40 employees throughout the manufacturing process and in the reception control of the products purchased, manages the appropriate operation of the Quality Control and anticipates possible faults which could produce important malfunctions.


  • A chemical laboratory which tests parameters, such as the chemical composition of our products and materials, checks and verifies the parameters of both the green sand and fusion, determines the presence of unwanted oils in the cooling lubricant, investigates the existence of elements or components that are not permitted in the products,....
  • A mechanical laboratory which carries out the traction tests required by the corresponding directives (EN10242, EN 1562 or others) force for the rest of the products bearing in mind the specific and individual demands of our clients.Pneumatic tests where extra tightness tests are carried out ensuring that our products do not leak, metallography tests which analyses the structure of the pieces. In addition, we carry out specific inspections requested by our customers, by resorting to external laboratories if necessary.
Laboratorios químico, mecánico, neumático y metalográfico