Logo Atusa

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The central headquarters of ATUSA is situated in Salvatierra, in the province of Alava, where one of the three production plants can also be found, another being in Mondragon (Guipuzcoa), both in Spain and the third in the city of Montana in Bulgaria.

ATUSA also has 7 logistic warehouses, one of which is in the central headquarters, another in the production plant of Montana and the other 5 in our subsidiaries: ATUSA Deutschland in Ratingen (Germany), VIRFOLLET in Paris (France), EURACCORDI in Milan (Italy), PORFITE in Maia (Portugal) and ATUSA TURKEY in Istanbul (Turkey). This vast distribution network means our clients can be reached in short delivery time and with an optimum level of service.

We also have a Commercial Office in Radom (Poland).

Mapa de localización de fábricas y almacenes